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Friends of Nature and passionate of bees world.

Brothers and beekeepers since childhood.

Our father has been our great teacher. He has given us the knowledge and transmitted us his profound enthusiasm.

We like what we do and the way we do it.

For us this is a life project.

We invite you to discover it


Teamwork. Bees and us



We work and live among bees. We take good care of them and keeping their nests healthy and productive.


Throughout the year we are moving the hives depending on the seasons following the various flowerings in our territory. This allows us to obtain crops of different varieties of honey.

Some of the honeys we produce are rosemary, thyme, lavender, orange blossom, heather honey, forest honey, high mountain meadows and multiflora honey.


We also collect bee pollen to serve it fresh or dehydrated.


Knowing that this is a sustainable and essential job for the conservation of the environment gives us an extra motivation.


This is our choice: To cooperate with Nature contributing to its conservation while obtaining the highest quality products.

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In the south of Catalonia, where our bees are mainly living and working.


We place apiaries in places of high ecological interest, lands of wild vegetation, away from pesticides, insecticides and contaminants. Nowadays these places are essential for the subsistence of bees.


Ebre river territories

We have apiaries in different regions: Ribera d'Ebre, Baix Ebre, Terra Alta, lands of the west, in the Segrià, in Les Garrigues and also in Aragón.


Many of these areas from the Ebro River were described by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, due to the representativeness of its Mediterranean ecosystems and the biodiversity conservation model.



Priorat region and  Montsant Natural Park

We also have apiaries in Priorat region and different places of  Montsant Natural Park.

In this area we find a very rich and diverse native flora. Bees collect honey and pollen with very different qualities, due to their unique taste and aroma absolutly extraordinary.


Natural Park of Hight Pyrenees

At the end of spring, we move some of our hives to the north, specifically to Pallars Sobirà in the Natural Park of High Pyrenees.


There, bees support the summer heat better and enjoy the richness and biological diversity characteristic of this territory


This careful and persistent work we do with bees allows us to obtain unique products, due to their purity and differentiated qualities.


All the varieties of honey we market, as well as pollen, honeycombs and propolis, are homegrown.

Products are processed by bees, and after that we collect it from the beehives in an artisan way.


Finally, we pack them preserving all the original properties and we put them at your disposal so that you can enjoy them.

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Direct proximity sale in our shop in Calle Sant Agustí, 10
from Riba-roja d'Ebre (Tarragona).

If you want any type of information or want to place an order directly,

you can contact us by email, by phone or whatsapp.
It will be our pleasure to assist you.

We can also provide information about the collaborating shops,

where to find all our products.

Jordi Bonet  - 629 34 24 98


Ramon Bonet - 635 60 52 93



C/ Sant Agustí, 10
43790 - Riba-roja d'Ebre
Tel. 629 342 498 / 635 605 293

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